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Perimeter Intrusion Detection (PIDS)

Perimeter Security - It’s something all commercial properties need. SBD offers complete solution for perimeter security to improve the security of your property.

For one, a perimeter security fence is designed to optimize your overall commercial security measures, including securing your premise and protecting your property and building occupants of threats. There are a variety of perimeter security fences available including high security fencing systems, security barriers, and gate systems.

By having a custom high security fence designed for your commercial property, you can truly meet your security requirements. It is important to hire a professional high security fence contractor because a poorly designed fence can weaken your commercial property security. A professional high security fence contractor will design a high security fence that will repair perimeter security breaches.

You can ask the fence contractor whether its best for you to have a new fence or simply have fence repairs completed. Out of the high security fencing options, the chain link fence is one of the most economically sound and effective high security fence systems. Here at SBD we can design a high security fence that’s aesthetically pleasing, secure and fitting to your budget. Your high security fence will create a natural surveillance of your commercial property by maximizing visibility and offering you excellent access control.

SBD provides electronic and electric perimeter security systems and perimeter intrusion detection equipment,

Key System Features

  • - Can be fitted to existing or new metal fence
  • - High detection rate
  • - Can be used with CCTV / Access control
  • - Audio verification capacity
  • - Visually unobtrusive
  • - Easy to maintain

Solutions offered

  • - Physical Fence
  • - Electric Fence
  • - Perimeter Intrusion
  • - Sensor Cables

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Military bases, prisons, airports, port authorities, container bases, banks, building societies, warehouses, storage yards, distribution depots, DIY stores, manufacturers, petrochemical plants, pharmaceutical complexes, motor dealerships, auto salvage, ammunition factories, explosives manufacturers

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