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Otherwise known as signboards or signage, a signage is a type of graphic display that has an intended purpose to convey certain information to an audience. Signage’s have several applications, with the primary purpose being communication; a medium to convey information from which the receiver can make cognitive decisions based on the information that had been provided. In general, signage’s can be classified as informative, directive, identification or safety and regulatory.

Informative signage’s provide information about services, a location or facilities. For example a signboard located next to a national monument, stating the significance of the monument and other information of the site would be an informative sign. This sign would provide the reader with information about what he or she is looking at, thus it is an informative sign.

Directive signage’s can usually be found along roads or even in shopping centers and other facilities. As their name would suggest, such signs usually provide directions leading to facilities, services or other areas. For example along a road, a directive sign would spot images such as arrows directing traffic to roads and functional spaces. Same applies with shopping centre as signs also play the role in guiding traffic into areas such as cinema halls, toilets etc.

Identification signage’s, as their name would suggest, are used by facilities, shops, organizations, rooms, toilets etc. for the purpose of identification. A signage of a company’s logo outside its office building would allow passers-by to identify the company. Similarly a toilet sign would allow a person to identify if a room is a toilet or not in a shopping mall. Identification signages are also used in offices to identify the cabins of staffs.

Safety and regulatory signage’s are used to provide warnings or safety instructions. For example a safety signage beside a swimming pool would provide pool user with safety instructions in order to avoid injury. Many products also tend to have such safety labels that serve as safety signs, providing the user with the correct direction on using the product. Some other examples of safety and regulatory signs can be traffic signs, emergency exit signs, rules and regulations, etc.

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